Due to super high demand, we are taking waitlist only. If you’d like to be on the waitlist, please email vendors@sointulawinterfestival.com

“We specifically focus on hand-made and hand-designed creations.”

–       Winterfestival Planning Committee

The creations you will be selling must be disclosed prior to the start of Winterfestival. If you are sharing a table, both vendor’s names must be given, with full disclosure of items being sold, and a limit of two people sharing a space. Third-Party vending is not permitted. Any changes to your item description can be emailed to vendors@sointulawinterfestival.com.

44th Winterfestival. Athletic Hall, before the doors were opened.

Important Dates and Times

Craft Fair

Saturday, November 25th, 9am-3pm

Set up

Vendor set-up will take place on November 24th from 6pm to 8pm

Note: Additional time is available Saturday November 25th from 7:30am-9am

Take Down

Saturday, November 25th 3-5pm.

Please do not pack up prior to 3:00pm

Table and Space Information

The pricing is as follows:

  • Regular Space – $40.00
  • Non-Profit Space – $15.00
  • Kid’s Space – $5.00

There is a limit of 2 spaces per vendor. Tables will be provided. Please note: Any waitlist vendors will only be provided with one space, in the event of a space becoming available.

Regular tables measure 6’x2.5′. Spots are allotted based on a 2.5′ space behind the table and a 1.5-2′ space between tables (dependent on where the table is situated), with a total allotment space of 7’x5′ for regular spaces.

Non-Profit/Kids spaces are allocated based off a 3×3′ table, with 1.5-2′ space between tables (dependent on where the table is situated) and 2.5’ space behind the table, with a total allotment space of 4’x5.5′.

If you need more space around your table for displays, please let us know. There may be an additional space fee required.

Payment options will be communicated at the time of registration.

Please note: Sointula Recreation Association has changed their policy in regard to their walls and floors. No nails, pins, tape of any kind, screws, or other form of hanging material which may damage the walls or floors is permitted, with the only acceptable means of affixing anything to the walls being sticky tack and pull-tab hooks. Please plan your space accordingly.

Personal Property

Any property (personal, or otherwise) brought onto Sointula Recreation Association property is your responsibility. The Sointula Recreation Association and Winterfestival Committee will not be held responsible for any items misplaced, stolen, or destroyed while on said property.

Food Vendors

There are two kitchens available to rent out. This is something that’s better discussed in person or over the phone, so please call Chris at 250-883-5620, if you’re interested in renting a kitchen for Winterfestival.

Please remember it’s your responsibility to follow the food safety regulation for preparing and selling your edible creations. “Lower Risk” food vendors do not require a permit. However, “Higher Risk” food does require a permit and you must obtain a permit through the health inspector.

Please see the link for more information.


Off Island Vendor Information

Hall Locations

The halls are four blocks to the left of the ferry dock when you drive off. The FO Hall (Finnish Organization) is the bigger white and gray hall above the road, the Athletic Hall is the smaller blue hall above the road and the Dance Studio is on the water side of the road below the other halls, in the same building as the Library and Museum.

Taking the Ferry

If you are coming from off island for set-up, plan on catching the either the 4:05pm or 6:40pm ferry from Port McNeill. Ferry traffic could be heavy, so it’s best to be in the ferry line up early.

Set-up ends at 8pm, so if you miss the 6:40pm sailing on Friday, the 7:40pm sailing will arrive after set-up time is done. In the event of this happening, please be at the hall between 8-9am Saturday for setting up.

On the day of the festival, if you’re not spending the night on the island, please be on the 7:25 am ferry, so you’re ready for our 9 am start.

Food Options

1.    Sointula Co-op grocery store is open 9am-5:30pm Tuesday through Saturday.

2.    Coho Joe Cafe, open 9am-2:30pm

3.    Malcolm Island Food Company, open from 10am-6pm (subject to change). Sells premade meals that will need to be heated.

Please plan accordingly if you’re spending the night, as there is no food available for purchase between 6pm and 9am.

For ferry times, please check here.

Registration Information

The spaces have been reconfigured to allow for the use of the two VIHA certified kitchens, which have both been filled. We have also expanded to utilize the Senior’s building this year, after an overwhelming response from vendors.

Please note: Due to an overwhelming response, we are currently accepting waitlist applications only.

To apply for registration, please email vendors@sointulawinterfestival.com or text or call Chris at 250-883-5620. Emailed requests that arrive before September 5th, will be answered on September 5th. Forms will also be available in hard copy form at the SRC. Please fill the form out in it’s entirety. Filled out forms can be submitted to vendors@sointulawinterfestival.com, handed to Chris Todd directly, or mailed to Box 363, Sointula, BC, V0N 3E0. Once your application is approved, payment options will be conveyed to you. Only after you have been approved and have paid, will you be confirmed as a vendor.

For more information, please email vendors@sointulawinterfestival.com or call Chris Todd at 250-883-5620.