43rd Sointula Winterfestival — November 16th, 2019
Thank you Vendors for the strong interest in table registration — we've had an amazing response.
Please don't delay if you're thinking about renting a table or raising funds through our kitchens.
Please go to the Vendors page to sign-up!

NOTE to folks interested in this year's workshops:
instead of being held only on Winterfestival Weekend,
we are starting the workshops October 19th,
running different ones through to November 9th
— it's workshop SEASON! —

For over 40 years Sointula Winterfestival has been the North Island’s full-ferry destination to a weekend of UTOPIAN FUN.

Come visit us this November for unique ARTS + CRAFTS + FOOD + TALENT by our local artisans.

Join us as we celebrate our 43rd year!

The FOOD … The CRAFTS … The Live WEST COAST Musicians [Playing Their LIVE WEST COAST MUSIC]

See you when you get here !

Carmen Burrows

The Malcolm Island Arts Society