Intro to Mycology
Foraging, Cultivating, and Mushroom Medicine

Presented by Bo Del Valle Garcia



Saturday OCTOBER 19, 2019

11:30am to 4:00pm

$60 per Person

Venue: Athletic Hall

Curious about mushrooms? In this introductory workshop we will dive into the wonderful world of mycology, covering everything from harvesting from the wild, cultivating in your home, and making medicine. This workshop includes a forest walk. Each participant will get to sample medicinal mushroom beverages, craft a medicinal mushroom tincture, and will take home an instruction manual for cultivation and medicine making. Mushroom grow kits and liquid cultures will be available for purchase at a discounted rate.

Facilitator's Bio

Bo Del Valle Garcia is the founder of Tangled Roots Nature Connection, a school for permaculture and wild skills. Bo is a neurodivergent, queer, white settler, permaculturalist, wildcrafter and budding herbalist. After seeking more formal education and finishing a Bsc in environmental sciences they dove deeper into all that the natural world had to teach them. They now focus on creating spaces where others can also connect to the natural world and learn a bunch of skills while doing so. You can learn more about Tangled Roots by visiting their website:

Workshop Schedule

Introductions  and set-up

Intro to Mycology

(Life Cycle of the Mushroom; 4 Types of Mushrooms & How to Identify)

Mushroom/Plant Walk

Mushroom Cultivation

(Overall Process of Mushroom Cultivation; Liquid Culture; Demo: Tissue Cloning; Mushroom Grow-Kits; Log Inoculation)

Mushroom Medicine

(Chop-up Mushrooms and Make Tea; Healing Properties of Mushrooms; My Healing Journey with Fibro and Mushrooms; Review Varieties of Mushrooms; Methods for Extracting Medicinal Properties: Eating; Hot Water extraction: Teas/Decoction; Alcohol Extraction: Tincture; Double Extraction)